Solutions auto-generating rich-media content

Open new revenue streams with tools generating and monetizing rich-media content

Rich-media contenthigher engagement, lower bounce rates

Auto-generatedno need to own rich-media content, low cost

Easy and quick-scalable setupfaster revenue

Ads-readynew revenue streams with high ROI

Monetize your RSS feed via interactive rich-media slideshow, with out-stream ads

Interactive rich-media slideshow build from your RSS

no need to own any video content

easy and scalable setup (just provide link to your RSS feed)

earn higher revenue via video ads

full support for video out-stream ads

responsive and mobile friendly

Fast solution to enable new revenue stream with high ROI

Get revenue from auto-converting your articles and posts to audio

Text-to-speech audio player, auto-generating audio from your content

audio generated on-the-fly from your articles and posts

no need to own any audio content

full support for audio in-stream ads

multiple natural languages support

easy and scalable setup (just provide text)

Fast, modern solution to enable new revenue stream with high ROI

Content monetization platform

Powerful solutions enabling publishers to monetize their content through video and audio.

Best-in-class video and audio players

Details and demos

Solutions auto-generating rich-media content

Details and demos

Self-service admin platform with real-time reporting

Details and demos

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