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Convert your static articles into stories and open new revenue stream

Sample story build from theverge.com

Maximize revenue and delight readers

Turn existing articles into engaging and eye-catching format available on desktop, mobile and everything in between. Increase time on page and number of pages per visit, possibly descreasing bounce rate at the same time.

Monetization: Inserting video ads between slides is a build-in feature and it's up to you how many of them is enough.

Convert static articles

There's more to static text. By using our tech you'll be able to create an animated stories made from your content.

Engage users

Nowadays short visual stories are one of the most powerful mediums. Users often only scan headings and featured images - use those to intrigue them.

Increase yield

Take advantage of the video player that's bundled in the stories. Because of that displaying video ads between the slides is a breeze.

Data centers

In more than 250 cities spread across more than 100 countries.

World map with Veedmo data centers


Transparent cost that scales together with your business.

Ad impressions
per 1000 ad impressions
Delegate monetization to Veedmo.

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Custom pricing
Got specific requirements, or business case.

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We're available for websites with traffic higher than 250 000 pageviews per month.

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