Monetize your content
with video

* video is the most engaging type of content; video ads are bringing up to 5x higher revenue than any other ad format

Utilize the power of video and start generating revenue

Follow 3 simple steps to start monetizing your content with video.

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Set up and adjust your videos* on Veedmo
* you don't have to have your own videos, Veedmo can generate videos for you from your content; see live demo
Publish videos to your site and start generating revenue

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Safe, responsive video player with advanced analytics and monetization features.

Veedmo key features

Best-in-class video player

Fast and lightweight

HTML5 based

Fully responsive, cross-platform

Supports Google IMA, VAST, VPAID, VMAP ad frameworks

Supports in-stream and outstream ads

Safe, security policies compliant

Content monetization platform

Fast and easy to set up

Reliable, high performance hosting

Publishing management system

Real-time videos and ads analytics

Intuitive video management

Cloud backup

Why monetize with video?

more engaging than any other content format
greater revenue generated by video ads vs static banner ads
more likely to rank higher in Google search results

Frequently asked questions

Is a Veedmo account free?

A Veedmo account is totally free; we operate using a revenue share model putting our focus, efforts and experience to help you generate revenue.

Is your player safe?

Reputation of your brand is important for us. Veedmo player and platform are compliant with security and privacy policies. Our solutions will not inject any untrusted or malicious 3rd party content into your website.

I already have video content. What can I gain?

Simply add your videos to Veedmo and use our platform and video player to generate revenue from ads broadcasted with your videos.

I don't have video content. What now?

Veedmo can generate engaging videos from your content and embed ads into them. This way you will be able to monetize your content, keeping your audience engaged. See live demo

I already monetize my content. What can I gain from using Veedmo?

Veedmo helps you to maximize revenue from your content by auto-generated engaging videos, with embedded ads, and innovative player delivering ads in most optimal way (to increase viewability).

I'm using YouTube to publish my videos. What more Veedmo can give me?

You don't have to stop publishing on YouTube. By using Veedmo you will be able to generate higher revenue from your content, and obtain an additional revenue stream.

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