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Content monetization platform

Powerful solutions enabling publishers to monetize their content through video and audio.

Best-in-class video and audio players

Details and demos

Solutions auto-generating rich-media content

Details and demos

Self-service admin platform with real-time reporting

Details and demos

Veedmo's impact on publishers' revenue


Faster player load time

more player impressions

better monetization


Higher player visibility

more viewable ad impressions

higher CPMs


More ads sold

better fill rates

higher revenue

Data from live A/B tests, performed on scale, against top video players on market.

Why Veedmo?

We work in performance-based model

we earn only when you earn, no hidden costs

Our solutions increase revenue

proven by our partners, on scale

Technology is our strength

we deliver high performance, innovative monetization solutions

We operate as your partner

24/7 support, fast response, adapt to your needs

Frequently asked questions

What is Veedmo?

Veedmo is a content monetization platform allowing publishers to monetize their content via set of rich media solutions, and by that, boost their revenue. Moreover, we are Google's video technolog partner.

Is a Veedmo account free?

Veedmo account is totally free; we operate in performance-based model putting our focus, efforts and experience to help you generate revenue. We earn only when you earn (no hidden costs).

I already have video/audio content. What can I gain?

Our best-in-class video and audio players can help you boost your revenue via set of build-in performance and monetization optimizations.

I don't have video/audio content. What now?

Veedmo contains set of rich-media soultions being able to auto-generate engaging video and audio from your existing content, and embed ads into them.

I already monetize my content. What can I gain from using Veedmo?

Veedmo helps you to maximize revenue from your content by auto-generated engaging videos and audio, with embedded ads, and innovative players delivering ads in most optimal way (to increase viewability).

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